“Dashi” brings out the UMAMI


Over 70 years in Nagasaki City,Japan.
We sell groceries such as soup stock and furikake.
You can buy it at the shops in Tsukimachi and Nagasaki Station.

<Main products>
●Dashi-Kezuribushi,Dashi pack,Dried sardines,Dried kelp,

Katsuobushi, the hardest food in the world, can be eaten deliciously by shaving it thinly.

Katsuobushi caught in Japan is made into flakes.

Cut ⇒ simmer ⇒ Pull out the bone ⇒ Dry ⇒ Smoke ⇒  Scrape and smooth the surface ⇒ With mold ⇒ Dried in the sun ⇒ Completion of katsuobushi

A lot of people’s time and hassle are put on it, and it’s packed with flavor.

There are also sardine, mackerel and tuna joints.

Taste the Katsuobushi as it is

By sprinkling over the food, the UMAMI is further enhanced!

For example
・Egg fried rice

Sakura katsuo(bonito)

Both fish and vegetables are delicious with Dashi!

For example
・Miso soup
・Vegetable soup

Hana katsuo(bonito)

Dashi Family in the world !
Let’s try it !


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